February 2014

February 2014 started off with a trip to the small (really small) town of Milton, CA to visit the Keystone Lodge. We are happy to hear that they are growing.

Coming up:

  • Feb.6 – 5:30 Hall Association, 6:30 Dinner, 7:30 Stated Meeting
  • Feb. 11 – 7:00 Second Degree
  • Feb. 12 – 6:00 Cigar Night - RSVP to Rocky
  • Feb. 13 – 6:30 Sweetheart Dinner – RSVP to Wor. Lee, Rick or Chuck
  • Feb. 15 – 4:00 Crab & Prime Rib Feed
  • Feb. 20 – 7:00 First Degree (2)
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2014 Welcome

Modesto 206 is active in 2014. Wor. Lee’s corps of officers have been learning their new roles and we’re ready to put on a 3rd Degree.

Sorry for the late notice, but here are some upcoming events:

Jan. 23 – 7:00 @Modesto206 – Third Degree – visiting Master Masons are welcome

Jan. 25 – @Modesto206 – Modesto Shrine ClubCrab Feed – Tickets are going quickly

Feb. 1 – Sojourn to Keystone Lodge #161 in Milton (see last year’s)

Feb. 6 – 6:30 @Modesto206 – Dinner - Please come! — 7:30 Stated Meeting

There’s a lot coming up this year, stay tuned!


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“Welcome, Hiram”

One of the extraordinary pleasures I’ve had during my tenure as Master was to regularly travel to nearby (and sometimes, not so nearby) lodges to share the Brotherly Love that we as Masons enjoy.

In almost every locale, one can find a Masonic Lodge. Even without knowing any of the gentlemen present, it is with open arms that a brother is Welcomed.

If you know of a Mason, past or present, please encourage him to look for an opportunity to seek out and attend a local Lodge event.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Trestleboard – November 2013

Trestleboard November 2013

Change: Tuesday Nov 12 will be a Sojourn to Calaveras for a 3rd degree.

Change: Smyrna’s Past Masters’ night has been postponed.

  • Nov. 6 – 5:30 @Modesto 206 – De Molay Advisors / Formation meeting
  • Nov. 7 – 5:30 Hall Association, 6:30 Dinner, 7:30 Stated Meeting (Elections!)
  • Nov. 12 – 7:00  Sojourn to Calaveras Lodge for a 3rd degree
  • Nov. 13 – 6:00 @DaveG’s – Cigar Night – RSVP to Rocky
  • Nov. 14 – 6:30 @Modesto206 – Officers’ Practice
  • Nov. 16 – 5:00 @Smryna (Ceres Lodge) – Past Master’s Night
  • Nov. 18 – 8:30am – Cornerstone Laying in Ceres
  • Nov. 19 – 7:00 @Modesto206 – First Degree
  • Nov. 21 – 5:30 @Modesto206 – Dinner & Masonic Outreach Services Presentation — District 442 SOI follows at 7PM
  • Nov. 26 – 6:30 @Modesto206 – Officers’ Practice (3rd degree)
  • Dec. 3 – 7:00 @Modesto206 – Third Degree
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A bit of Historic Masonry and Architecture

A bit of Historic Masonry can be found in and around our nation’s capitol in Washington DC. I had the distinct pleasure of chaperoning my daughter’s class on a tour of the capitol during the Shutdown of ’13 and I found a few items of note.

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Oktoberfest 2013

Oktoberfest was a bit early at Modesto #206 this year, taking place on Sept. 29th.

IMG_20130929_153238_679 IMG_20130929_151304_344 IMG_20130929_153306_110

Wow! 7 beers, 3 teams, fresh baked pretzels, sauerkraut, potato salad.

And the wurst… it was the best!

IMG_20130929_130011_673 IMG_20130929_130017_419 IMG_20130929_130031_923


IMG_20130929_130235_291 IMG_20130929_130303_546 IMG_20130929_130243_954

The increasing success of the event is due to the participation of new faces, and the familiar faces, all pitching in to make a truly memorable evening.

IMG_20130929_130201_438 IMG_20130929_151236_314

We offered a brief respite from the wearies of travel for the Grand Custodian of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota, Wor. Lamont Cain Sr.

Congratulations Tres Equis! Winner of the brewing competition for the second year in a row!


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Livingston Hills Ferry #236


On Wednesday, Oct 2, Modesto #206′s Sojourners trek’d down to Delhi for a delicious dinner at the Elegant Bull. We then headed a few more miles down 99 to Livingston and joined the brethren at  Livingston Hills Ferry #236 for their Stated Meeting and some fellowship following.

It is always pleasant to visit a new lodge and meet new brothers. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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Trestleboard – October 2013

October 2013 Trestleboard

  • Sept. 29th – 3 PM – @Modesto206 – Oktoberfest
  • Oct. 2nd – 7PM – @LivingstonHills #236Sojourning
  • Oct. 3rd – 6:30PM Dinner, 7:30 Stated Meeting
  • Oct. 4th – 6th – @SFGrandLodge – Grand Lodge 164th Communications
  • Oct. 9th – 6PM – @Modesto206 – Cigar Night
  • Oct. 10th – 6PM – @Modesto206 – Past Master’s Night, Dinner and 1st Degree
  • Oct. 12th – 6PM – Ladies Night Out (changed)
  • Oct. 17th – 6:30PM – @Modesto206 – Proficiencies and 2nd Degrees
  • Oct. 24th – 7PM – @Modesto206 – 3rd Degree – Interdistrict #442 and #446
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Sojourn to Mosaic #218

September 4th brought good fellowship and an adventure over the Altamont at Mosaic #218 in Livermore.

IMG_20130904_181315_896IMG_20130904_212351_379 IMG_20130904_212359_050

A lively dinner served to us by their Rainbow Girls. Wives welcomed to dinner as well.

IMG_20130904_192335_011 IMG_20130904_210529_860

IMG_20130904_193046_746 IMG_20130904_193027_136

Modesto joined Oak Summit and Riverbank and were welcomed warmly in Wor. Thorne’s beautiful lodge. Some of us made it back without incident. Unfortunately, my van did not fare so well.

IMG_20130904_223442_818 IMG_20130904_223421_501

The tow driver was recent vet with an engaging story. The starter and battery were replaced a few days later. Despite the car trouble, it was a great time.


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Constitutional Observance Month

September is Constitutional Observance Month for the Lodges of Freemasonry in California.

George Washington was a Mason and the Master of his lodge. The French general Lafayette was a Mason. Paul Revere was a Mason. John Paul Jones was a Mason. Of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, eight can be proved to have been Masons, including Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock. Another twenty-four signers may have been Masons, based upon fragmentary evidence that has survived until today. These early American, patriotic Masons demonstrated the noblest support of established civil authority: They temporarily set aside their loyalty when that authority was clearly and oppressively wrong to replace it with one dedicated to freedom and liberty.

From the Entered Apprentice’s Charge:

As a Citizen, you are enjoined to be exemplary in the discharge of your civil duties, by never proposing or countenancing any act which may have a tendency to subvert the peace and good order of society; by paying due obedience to the laws under whose protection you live; and by never losing sight of the allegiance due to your country.

And as noted by the Grand Lodge:

While Masonry teaches loyal and active support of the civil magistrate, such loyalty should never be confused with blind obedience to an unjust ruler. Loyalty to the civil authority presupposes a civil authority loyal to its people, governing in response to the people’s will and securing everyone’s basic rights and liberties. Many leaders of the American Revolutionary War were Masons. They recognized that the inferior status of the colonies was inconsistent with the natural order of democratic government for freedom-loving people. They temporarily set aside their regard for the established order, the British Colonial Government, to establish a new order to guarantee those inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As Masons, we encourage peace and harmony among our brethren, offer strength and support to each other, and seek to strengthen our communities. The brethren of Modesto #206 are composed of members who, among others, are involved with and employed by local, regional, state and federal governments as well as businessmen, professionals, tradesmen, farmers, dairymen and ranchers. We do not discuss politics or religion while in the lodge, understanding that there is a panoply of opinion and emotion involved, but instead seek to practice the tenets of Freemasonry: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. That being said, there are times and places where certain brethren choose to enjoy a lively discussion of said topics, outside of the bounds of a tiled lodge.

Modesto #206 has numerous events that are not restricted to the Brethren, including our monthly Cigar Nights and superb dinners and presentations.

September  24th, at 6:30 PM, we will be holding a Constitution Night with a presentation by Sheriff Adam Christianson. We look forward to seeing you!

(note: all emphasis is mine -mk)
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