Traveling News – Huntington Beach Lodge no. 380

While visiting family and friends in Southern California, I had the pleasure of traveling to Huntington Beach Lodge no. 380 for their stated meeting on July 6, 2011.  I could not have met a finer group of Brother Masons, as the brethren of HB 380 warmly welcomed me.  Toward the end of the meeting, Worshipful Master Wayne Caverly invited me to the west of the altar and presented me with a lodge pin and guest brother card, and I gifted him a Modesto Lodge pin, as well.

Huntington Beach lodge is a highly active lodge with over five hundred brethren.  They are a strong presence in the community and active with the Masonic youth groups.  During the meeting, I was privileged to see their memorial to dearly departed brethren.  The marshal placed a red rose on the altar as the lodge lights dimmed for a moment of silence.  It was a moving and fitting remembrance.

Should any visiting brethren have the opportunity to visit this fine lodge, a brother should do so.  I had a great evening and hope to return in the future.  Thank you for your hospitality.

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