Chili Cook-off Winners: Chuck and Patti Heckendorf

Congratulations to our Chili Cook-off winners!  The first place winner was Chuck, followed by Dan Johnson in second, and Bryan Martin in third.  See the video links below for a short interview with each of the six competitors. [Stay tuned for the videos while I work on improving the playback speed.]

Our first Chili Cook-off was enjoyed by our members, families, friends, and brothers traveling from area lodges.  Travelers included Rodney Owen PM from Oak-Summit 112 in Knights Ferry, Steve Rouse from Turlock 395, Bill Hunt from Mt. Oso 460 in Tracy (who also entered his own chili recipe into the competition), along with Adam Karrim, Bob Perrin PM, and their families from Tyrian 439 in Manteca.  Ken Cooper PM of Taft 426 was unable to come due to illness, but his wife, Molly, and family came in his stead!  Because the primary objective was to include members and have participation from the area lodges, we had a good first step with five other lodges attending.  The number attending the event exceeded 50 adults and children.  As a fellowship event, we were just aiming to break-even, but we even earned a little seed money to start a fund for next year.

The Chili Cooks

Bryan Martin, Third Place Winner, cooked "Stackers Chili"

Bill Hunt of Tyrian 439, chili described as Tex-Mex with a California Twist

Gary Zimmerman cooked "Z's Chili"

Chuck, with Patti Heckendorf, cooked her "Santa Fe Chili". First Place Recipe

Michael Kellner cooked both an all-meat-no-bean chili and a vegetarian chili.

Dan Johnson cooked his "Dangerous Dan's Delirious Delicious Mixed Bean Chili" recipe. Second Place winner.


 Meat and Salad

Tri-Tips look perfect. Prepared in our outside BBQ area.

One of Yuko Kellner's acclaimed salads.


One great feature was the pair of slip-and-slides on the grass for the kids.  They had a blast playing in the water.  The one pictured had four lanes and boogie boards; the other was a single lane with a splash pool at the end.


Seven kids played in the water and five teenagers hung out and played Guitar Hero on the Wii.  It was great to see all ages involved in the event!


The scale and success of the Cook-off was ideal for a first year event.  We plan to have our second annual Chili Cook-off next Summer!

Lonnie Sorci, Event Planner


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