Masonic Caves at Volcano

Up near Jackson California is a tiny town called Volcano.

Volcano has a Masonic Lodge and a cave that is open to the public.

The first meetings of Volcano Lodge were held in these caves.

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  1. phil nelsen says:

    Hello Brothers,
    I am Phil (philthy) Nelsen, Pres. of the Brazen Pillars Chapter of Widows Sons. We were able to participate in last years Volcano BBQ and picnic. We plan on making the ride again and would like to know what we can bring and when the date is. Last year we brought the cake and will plan on doing that again if it does’t conflict with your schedule.
    See You Soon,
    Phil Nelsen, Pres.
    Brazen Pillars Chapter
    Widows Sons

    • Michael Kellner says:

      Hello Bro. Phil,
      This article was a trip report from some brothers from the Modesto Lodge.

      In searching the internet, I found this page:
      which states:

      Volcano has an annual picnic usually held on the First Sunday of October at the “Masonic Cave” site (less than five minutes from the Lodge Hall).

      This conflicts with California Grand Lodge’s 2013 Communication meeting, so I wonder if they will move the date. Perhaps a call to the phone number on their web page would resolve the matter.

      Michael Kellner
      Master, Modesto 206

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